SIRA Status

SIRA Status

The Import System of the Argentine Republic is an electronic procedure used for the management of imports. It can present different statuses:

OFFICIALISE It has been correctly registered. The process begins.

OBSERVE It is being evaluated by the different agencies involved (AFIP, Customs and the Secretariat of Commerce).

-> In the event of any of these bodies finding inconsistencies, the SIRA cannot be rectified, therefore, if it remains in observed status for more than 90 days, it will be automatically cancelled by the system.

EXI The SIRA is approved.

CANCELLE The SIRA has been authorised and the goods have been nationalised. The procedure has been completed.

VOI The SIRA declaration is void due to the following situations:

-Cancellation of the SIRA by the declarant.

When the SIRA is in “OUTPUT” status and is not cancelled due to non-compliance with the deadline for the arrival of the goods in national territory.

In summary, the statuses that a SIRA can have are OFFICIALISED, OBSERVED, DEPARTURE, CANCELLED or CANCELLED.

There are no statuses such as REJECTED, NOT AUTHORISED, DELAYED or WITHHELD.

SOURC Secretariat of Commerce.