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Data protection policy

This statement describes the way in which DIEB International Logistics, Huergo 953 piso 4, (C1107AOW) Buenos Aires – Argentina,, handles your personal data.

DIEB International Logistics is responsible for the adequate protection of your personal data and complies with due diligence with all legal provisions on the protection, lawful use, confidentiality and security of personal data.

The following declarations have a general character and cover all data processing operations within DIEB International Logistics. This means that they apply to you only in part.

Purpose of data processing

We process personal data mainly for the following purposes:

  • Processing of offers and enquiries sent to us, e.g. (potential) transport partners, persons who want to order transports, deliveries, orders or similar, or who aspire to work with us.
  • Contract negotiations, drafting of offers and contracts.
  • Management of our contractual and commercial relations, e.g., realisation of transports (disposition) and deliveries, fulfilment of stock and leasing contracts, accounting, claims, claims handling, quality management, management of our purchases, optimisation of our services through the use of commercial applications (e.g. transport monitoring, portals, etc.).
  • Customer relations, i.e. e.g. sending information, newsletters, offers and advertising material, continuous customer support, organisation of events, etc.
  • Insurance cover and administration, claims settlement.
  • Fleet management: Maintenance and repair of our vehicles.
  • We receive personal data from you yourself: e.g. in the event of enquiries with us, initiation of contracts, in the context of the fulfilment of contracts concluded with us; from companies of the group within DIEB International Logistics; from third parties, e.g. transport partners or customers for order processing; from your browser (automatically) when you visit our web pages, in accordance with your selected settings.
  • Providing your personal data is a voluntary act. However, business relations with us will not be possible if we do not have the necessary personal data. Likewise, we cannot guarantee all functions of our websites if you do not provide us with the necessary personal data.